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On March 19, 2020, the RMLA Board of Directors voted to cancel the 2020 RMLA annual conference scheduled for May 11-14, due to concerns related to COVID-19.  The decision to cancel this year’s conference was not easy as we know how important this training conference is to each of you.  With the current state of world affairs, we felt it was in the best interest of everyone involved to focus on their health and well-being so we can put this unprecedented situation behind us.  We apologize for this cancellation and will be working diligently to ensure a successful 2021 conference for you to attend. 


Save-the-Date - 2021 RMLA - May 3-6                                                                                   

Will the 2020 RMLA Annual Conference be rescheduled for a date later in 2020?

The board has voted not to reschedule the 2020 annual conference and will focus on the 50th anniversary of RMLA.

How can I obtain a refund for my conference registration, special class, and trade show fees?

RMLA will automatically process refunds for all current registration, special class, and trade show fees. Please allow 7-10 days for us to handle refunds.

How can I obtain a refund for my hotel room reservations?

Please contact your hotel directly to obtain any refunds or deposits.

Will 2020 RMLA scholarships and awards still be awarded this year?

Yes!  We are still awarding a 2020 scholarship and Lift Maintenance / Lift Operations person of the year award.  We are accepting nomination applications until April 10, 2020.  After reviewing applications, winners will be announced on our website,  The 2020 winners will be honored during the 2021 annual conference, along with the 2021 winners.

I was scheduled to present a class session or have a booth at the trade show.  What should I do?

Since the 2020 conference has been canceled, all you should do at this point is to cancel any travel and lodging reservations.  We appreciate your dedication towards improving our industry and will work with you over the upcoming months to create a great 2021 conference.